Pack 28 will have its February Pack Meeting on Wednesday the 26th at 6:30 pm at Dixie Elementary School in room C9.  Please come and join us. 

Anyone interested in joining Cub Scout Pack 28, or finding out more before our Pack meeting, you can contact Mike Bumgarner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


All about Cub Scouting, general information

Also a link to some photos from some of last years events


David Vasser

Adult Committee Chairman, Pack 28

Cub Scout Pack 28




September 2013 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Cooperation

  1. Webelos Woods - Marin Sierra Camp (August 31st, September 1st & 2nd)
  2. Adult Planning Meeting (September 9th)
  3. Den meetings (2nd and 3rd Thursdays)
  4. Pool Party at Hamilton Air Force Base (September 22nd)
  5. Pack meeting at Dixie School (September 25th at 6:30pm)
  6. Popcorn Sales Kick-Off at Marinwood Market (September 28th)
  7. Fly Fishing Clinic & BBQ (September 29th) at Civic Center Lagoon


October 2013 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Responsibility

  1. Adult Planning Meeting (October 6th)
  2. Den meetings (2nd and 3rd Thursdays)
  3. Tiger Cub Expedition (October 12th & 13th)
  4. Rocket shootoff at Tamarancho and overnight (October 26th)
  5. Popcorn Fund Raiser - weekend sales at Safeway in Terra Linda (Sept. 28 – Oct. 26)
  6. Pack meeting (October 30th)


November 2013 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Citizenship

  1. Adult Planning Meeting (November 10th)
  2. Scouting for Food Dropoff Door Hangers (Saturday, November 9th)
  3. Scouting for Food Pickup Food in Marinwood (Saturday, November 16th)
  4. Den meetings (1st and 2nd Thursdays)
  5. Pack Hike and BBQ to China Camp (November 17th)
  6. Pack meeting (November 27th)


December 2013 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Respect

Calendar Overview of events

  1. Pack Hike to a waterfall or Ring Mountain (December 1st)
  2. Adult Planning Meeting (December 8th)
  3. Pack meeting and Holiday Caroling (December 11th)
  4. Marin Sierra Snow Camp (December 13th, 14th & 15th)


January 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Positive Attitude

  1. Adult Planning Meeting (January 12th)
  2. Pack Hike and BBQ around Lake Lagunitas (January 18th)
  3. Den meetings
  4. Pack meeting


February 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Resourcefulness

  1. Overnight at Aquarium by the Bay (February 1st)
  2.  Pinewood Derby Workshop and BB gun shoot at Tamarancho (February 8th)
  3. Adult Planning Meeting (February 9th)
  4. Pinewood Derby Workshop at Keith Parker’s house at 10am (February 15th)
  5. Den meetings
  6. Pack meeting
  7. Pack Hike and BBQ to Cascade Waterfalls in Fairfax  (February 22nd)



March 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Compassion

  1. Pinewood Derby Race (March 8th)
  2. Adult Planning Meeting (March 9th)
  3. Den meetings
  4. Pack meeting
  5. Pack Hike to see bomber engine at Tamarancho (March 15th)
  6. Pack BBQ and sleepover at Tamarancho (March 15th – 16th)


April 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Faith

  1. Adult Planning Meeting (April 13th)
  2. Den meetings
  3. Pack meeting
  4. Pack hike to Rodeo Valley ridges (April 19th)
  5. Blue and Gold Banquet at China Camp(April 26th)


May 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Health and Fitness

  1. Pack Hike / BBQ / overnight at Wright's Beach near Bodega Bay (May 10th)
  2. Adult Planning Meeting (May 11th)
  3. Den meetings
  4. Pack meeting
  5. Family Fiesta camping at Tamarancho (May 16th, 17th & 18th)
  6. Flag Planting Ceremony at the Presidio (May 24th)




June 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Perseverance

  1. Fishing Derby (June 7th)
  2. Cub Scout Adventure Day at Chabot Observatory (June 22nd)
  3. Pack Summer time hike (June 29th)


July 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Courage

  1. Carry 25’ flag in 4th of July Parade (July 4th)
  2. Cub Scout Camp #1 (July 7th – 11th)
  3. Civil War Days (July 12th – 13th)
  4. Cub Scout Camp #2 (July 21st – 25th)
  5. Pack Summer time camp out at Gualala (July 25th – 27th)


August 2014 Events

Cub Scout Core Value: Honesty

  1. Pack Summer time Samuel P. Taylor hike (August 3rd)
  2. Cub Scout Camp #3 (August 4th – 8th)
  3. Pack Picnic to kick off the 2014/2014 year (August 23rd)


End 2013 / 2014 Scout Year